Journeys, 2005-2015

Diary Fragments Diary Fragments2 Diary Fragments3 Diary Fragments4 Diary Fragments5 Diary Fragments6 Diary Fragments7 Diary Fragments8 Diary Fragments9 Diary Fragments10 Diary Fragments10

In 2005 I started using a digital camera which has resulted in a large - and constantly growing - image database. In the same year I started making printed photobooks to document my journeys. Each book contains similar elements - photographs focusing on landscape along with details about it such as plants with medicinal characteristics; reflections; water bottles; sketches and colour studies and art works made during the journey or with materials gathered on that journey. The “Diary fragments” series currently contains 15 photobooks each documenting a journey in pictures each year.

Outcome: photobooks

Journey, 2012

Kalevala Kalevala2 Kalevala3 Kalevala4 Kalevala5 Kalevala6 Kalevala7 Kalevala8 Kalevala9 Kalevala10

Kalevala is the Finnish national epic based on ancient oral rune singing tradition and poetry. For my artist in residency in Finland in 2012, I read Kalevala in various versions in Dutch and English. In Finland I studied Finnish books and artworks about Kalevala and travelled from Helsinki to Lapland and back again. Travelling and working in Finland gave a new perspective on the book Kalevala and inspired to make several series of new works on canvas, paper and collages. A book with photographs of pathways and poems related to Kalevala texts. Also I organised a Mail Art project about Kalevala, with over 100 participants from 30 countries.

Outcomes: paintings, works on paper, collages, photobook Pathways, Mail art project with catalogue, exhibitions in Netherlands and Finland, catalogue exhibition Finland, articles in Aviisi magazine.

Collecting. The Mailart Project
Organisation of mailart project and curator exhibition Van Abbemuseum, 2011

workonpanel1 workonpanel2 workonpanel3 workonpanel4 workonpanel5 workonpanel6

Collecting was a Mail Art project by Miranda Vissers and Diana Franssen. Why do we collect? And how? The curators did invite artists to send in their contribution to the theme of collecting on postcard format. Characteristic to Mail Art, in which artworks are shared via international postal systems, is the code ”the receiver becomes the owner of the artwork”. Around 400 artists from more than 30 countries have sent in works, that were exhibited in a library exhibition. A catalogue with a selection of the works was published.

Outcomes: exhibition and catalogue, photobook of the exhibition, over 500 mailart works donated to the collection of the Van Abbemuseum

Gifts from Earth
Journey, 2007

After a short trip in 2005, I returned to work for a week at the Isle of Wight in 2007. Walking along the beaches and fascinated by the stunning colours of the cliffs, this became the focus of my work. I took some of the multi coloured clay home and formed vessels out of that clay. After firing the colours changed into a deep orange colour due to the iron oxides in the clay. The stones in the clay gave the vessels a rough appearance.

Outcomes: DVD (2007), photos, sketches, leather and ceramic objects, stones

The intertidal zone
Journey, 2006

The intertidal zone is the area that is above water at low tide and under water at high tide (in other words, the area between tide marks). This area can include many different types of habitats, with many types of animals, such as starfish, sea urchins, and numerous species of coral. Organisms in the intertidal zone are adapted to an environment of harsh extremes. A journey along the Pacific coast of Vancouver Island, 2006, inspired a series of work referring to this habitat.

Outcomes: DVD (2007), photos, paintings, paper, ceramic and textile objects